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Family Matters sees nearly 1000 children and adults a year. We obtain our funding from a number of sources; statutory grants, charitable foundations, and fund raising. The Charity is solely dependent upon these funds for its existence and much of the funding is ‘restricted' in that it can only be used for the activity for which it is intended. Donations and successful fund raising is vital to the charity's existence and continued growth.

How your donation can help
  •     £ 5 - Will go towards helping us to provide support those who have been abused.
  •     £ 15 - Will provide a play therapy kit for young victims who have been abused.
  •     £ 25 - Will provide a one to one specialist therapy session.
  •     £ 50 - Will provide for a one to one play therapy session for a child who has been abused
  •     £ 700 - Will pay for a full 12 one to one therapeutic counselling sessions for an individual           who has been abused.
  •     £ 8,000 - Would fund a specialist counsellor to work one day a week for a year to see 12             clients for almost 150 sessions.

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       My counsellor was brilliant- even on my first session I left feeling positive and hopeful for the future           
Established in 1990, we are the largest provider of childhood sexual
abuse and rape therapy in the country.
Located in Kent, we have offices in:
Gravesend, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Bexley and Medway
Please call office number
For general enquiries and helpline 
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