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Family Matters also offer helpline support
Please note all of our helpline staff are volunteers so when there are no staff on duty or when operators are on other calls, an answer phone system is available. If you leave your contact details a member of staff will endeavour to call you back where possible but this cannot be guaranteed.

Please note the helpline is for advice, guidance, referrals and immediate one-off or short term crisis support - it is not for telephone counselling or long term support and our helpline staff will not be able to provide this for you.

If you have such needs please discuss this with the Helpline staff who will, wherever possible, endeavour to direct you to a more appropriate service or advise you on what Family Matter is able to offer.

Helpline staff are specially trained to answer calls from people who have suffered childhood sexual abuse or rape. Last year we took 3,000 calls.If you, or someone you know has suffered childhood sexual abuse or rape call now for information on all of our services.

Thank you

Helpline Number 01474 537 392
    I feel more positive about the future and agree that I am not to blame,
I feel it's now time to move forward     
Established in 1990, we are a leading provider of support services 
for childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence in the country.
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